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Sometimes you just have to let the children do their dirt


Yes Cynthia, how are you?

Well, I am doing good God. Just missing some of my friends and feeling some kind of way about people's responses to all the stuff happening in the world today.

Oh, why is that?

I don't know God, It used to be that we could have some really great discussions, even here online, and some of us became great friends from sharing our faith.

So then Cynthia, what is different, why have you all stop sharing your faith online?

I don’t know about the others God, but for me, it just seems like some of the ones who don’t believe in Jesus have started to use social media as a place to make fun of you, and also us Christians.

I understand Cynthia. But tell me, do you feel like they are hurting me?

Well yes, in away… I just don't like sitting around watching them make fun of you and make a mockery of you and those that follow you. I feel like they think that you are weak or something and I feel like someone should be able to show them the truth.

Do you feel like I am weak because I do not make them stop? Are you angry at me?

No, I am not angry but I do wonder why you would let them continue on in this way. I have seen you deal with foolishness before and I wonder why you do not deal with these people. Don’t you care how they feel about you?

Actually no, I care more about how they feel about themselves. Some of these people are acting this way because they have been hurt and they want to hurt someone else in return. They need healing from their own hurt more than anything else. They need to know that they are not alone. Then others are lonely and this is the only way that they can see to try and get someone else to pay attention to them.

But God, that is so ridiculous, that is just so childish of them.

But it is nothing new to me Cynthia; I am used to babies crying for attention. But there will come a day when I will get their attention and then things will be very different. Remember what I said about those who try to mock me?

Yes, I do, you say you cannot be mocked because all men reap what they have sown. You say that no one is able to make a fool of you, but as you can see, this does not seem to be true in this world anymore.

Cynthia, you know that all things are not always as they seem, especially to a child. It is like you have experienced with your own children. Do you remember how some of them thought that they were getting away with things, thinking that you did not see them but you were watching the whole time and you did not intervene because you knew that the day would come when they would face the consequences of their actions and that they needed to face them?

Yes, I remember dealing with my own children like that.

And then, remember how after they had to answer to the ruling authority for their actions and maybe even serve a time of retribution and restitution, they were able to see things differently and you saw true repentance. But whenever you stepped in too soon, they could not understand that they were the ones who were wrong and they never really changed because they told themselves that everything was someone else’s fault and they only got into more trouble.

Yeah, that is the way that it went…

{sigh}…See Cynthia, I understand more than anyone that sometimes you just have to let the children do their dirt…Does that make sense?

Yes, it does; so is that why you let them kill your Son?

Oh, Cynthia; that is very close to the truth but it is not the whole truth. They did not kill him. They couldn’t. But they thought that they could and, in that, is the whole mystery of salvation. But it is late now, and you have to get up early so why don’t we talk about that tomorrow.

Sure, God. Do you want to meet here again?

Yes, why not? I rather like it here. Even when I get to watch the babies playing in the dirt…kinda makes me chuckle, you know?

Yeah, now I do know, and I’m glad we talked, I feel better. And I can’t wait to finish up tomorrow.

Good night Cynthia, I love you.

Gnite God, I love you too.

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