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Respect for the Word Mother

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I became pregnant with my first daughter at the young age of 18. I was unmarried at the time but I never wanted to have a child out of wedlock so her father and I decided to get married before she was born. I was a college student at the time and my plan had been to continue in school even though I knew that my life was about to change drastically.

Of course, being a young mom was very hard and several times I had to put my education plans on the back burner because of unexpected things that me and my young husband never anticipated. In spite of the setbacks I loved being a mom and decided I wanted more children, someone for my daughter to play with.

However, I suffered 2 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy before I was able to have my second child. It seems once God healed my Womb he truly wanted to bless me. After that, babies came to me and my husband no matter what we did. Even with multiple attempts at birth control, I found myself pregnant every year, having 5 more daughters before my second daughter reached the age of 5 years.

My six daughters are the loves of my life. However, I have to say that during those childbearing years I heard more negative comments about my having them than I can tell about here. I was asked if I understood where babies come from. People would see me, a young black woman, and assume that I had no husband. And when I told them I was married, they assumed that I was a submissive wife that was being forced to be barefooted and pregnant. I have even been told that I must not know that I have rights to my own body. Or I was applauded for the sacrifice I made to put my life on hold for my kids. Most expressed sentiments that I could have accomplished so much more had I chosen another path.

It seems that few understand my true feelings. My daughters and my grandchildren are the most accomplished thing I have ever done in my life. Even going on in my education and achieving my Doctorate pales in comparison. Whenever I am asked in a group setting to say something unique about myself, I have to say that my 6 daughter and my 20+ grandchildren are the first thing that comes to mind and the thing I am most proud of. My statement is often met with blank stares at first and then apologetic smiles. Yet, most of the people looking down on me for being a mother would admit that they do not feel the same about their own mom.

I had my youngest daughter over 30 years ago and since then motherhood has become increasingly more unpopular with even the word MOTHER coming under attack these days. Motherhood these days is considered something for women who didn’t want to or could not be anything better. I think this is a big deception from the enemy of humanity and a great loss for future generations, and I feel sad for those who think this way.

There is no future world without mothers and there is no way for young girls to want to be mothers unless we restore the respect for motherhood to our society. I think more Mothers need to stand up and be recognized for finding true purpose in being called MOTHER.

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