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People are talking...

God, I heard some people talking today and they said that if you were real you would not let people hurt each other. And you would stop us from hurting ourselves.

And what do you think about that?

Well, I don't know what to tell them. I wonder why you don't just take control of it all.

I want you all to be free, but some choose to hurt others. And some choose to hurt themselves.

But you are God, why don't you at least stop them? Why don't you stop me?

Sometimes I do, but not all the time.

Why not all the time?

Because sometimes it would be worse if I stopped it.

How could something be worse than somebody getting killed or somebody getting raped? What could be worse than that?

Death is not the worse thing that can happen nor is pain.

What, your kidding right? What is worse than death and Pain?

Eternal Death, Eternal Pain.

So you are telling me that by you letting someone die here that you are stopping them from going to hell, is that what you're trying to say?

No, Not exactly.

Well, what then?

I am not stopping them from going to hell, but I am giving then the chance to come to heaven if they want to.

So you are saying that you would let a rapist into heaven even after he raped someone?

I will and I have.

So then it does not matter what we do, we can all go to heaven in the end, right?

Yes, heaven is yours right now, if you meet the requirements.

Requirements? Now you are talking about requirements? A rapist can go to heaven but he has to meet requirements. Like what? Say he's sorry or something. Yeah, I can just hear it. I am sorry I rapped that little girl... I'm all clean now!

No, that will not do, "Sorry" alone, will not meet the requirements, not at all.

Well then, what meets the requirements then if saying your sorry does not?

The requirement is blood, From someone perfect, who never sinned.

Ok, so now we are all doomed, right? Cause I sure don't know anyone perfect.

I do.

Yeah right, who?

My son.

I should have known, this is about me living for Jesus right?

Oh No, this is not about you living for Jesus, it is about him dying for you. This is about you.

It does not seem like it is about me?

But everything that I ever did was about you. Everything that I ever made was about you.

How can you say that, when you see me hurting all the time? What have you ever done to stop my pain?

I keep telling you what I have done but you keep forgetting. You only hurt because you forget.

Ok, tell me again, what will take away my pain.

Stop feeling guilty and just believe me, believe my Son took care of your sin, and your pain is already taken away.

Are you blind? Can't you see that it didn't work?

You only think that it didn't work because you don't believe me.

Ok, well... ok... but if that's true then he only took care of the old stuff, what about the new stuff?

What new stuff?

Well, you know...that stuff I did yesterday?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You see everything, how can you say that you don't know?

My Son took ALL of your sins, so how can I see them anymore?

Well, what if I sin tomorrow?

Tomorrow, yesterday, today, it is all the same to me...I can't see them...

So you're telling me that I can go out there and do whatever I want to and it does not matter to you.

Oh, it matters all right, but not to me.

Well if it doesn't matter to you then who does it matter too?

It matters to you. Think about it, I am not the one who beats you up when you do something wrong, heck, I don't even know that you did it.

So, are you saying that I've been beating myself up for nothing?


So no matter what I do you will still love me?


And does that mean that I can come to heaven?

Do you believe that my Son took care of the requirements?


Then yes, welcome home.

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