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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

It absolutely astounds me to see the responses of those who are sad to see the overturn of Roe vs Wade. Even though it is still legal to abort a baby in many states, people are crying that women will actually die now because they have to have babies (really?) Never mind how many women & men have died before they were ever born because of the practice of abortion as a form of birth control.

Many argue that victims of rape are now being forced to have the baby of their rapist ( even though it is statistically impossible for all those aborted babies to have come from victims of rape) . Rape victims make up less than 1% of those who choose abortion. If this were not the case, we have a bigger problem as it would mean women are being raped at an astronomical rate. No, it looks like the majority of abortions are the result of impulsive behavior and its consequences. But it is uncool to tell the pro-choice audience that we need to go back to having self-control. It is uncool to teach preventative behaviors instead of partnering with people to cover up their impulsive bad decisions.

I watched one news report where a women was shouting on a megaphone, warning women that ”next they want your birth control”, which I thought was a weak statement to an audience that obviously does not adhere to typical birth control protocols or they would not find themselves needing to make the decision to abort. I would rather a person prevent a pregnancy from occurring than decide to roll the dice then need to have a devastating surgical removal of a baby as a result. I, for one, will never be coming for your birth control. But I will be praying for you to have some self-control.

The same women warning about birth-control rights being at stake was also saying ”next they will be telling you who you can love and who you can marry”, which I thought was another weak argument being made to the wrong pro-abortion audience because it is a plea to same sex couples who are probably the least of those seeking an abortion. Perhaps she didn’t understand( but I think she knew perfectly well that this was not her audience).

I have noticed that when a person knows that the cause they are fighting is weak ( holds no real evidence) they will try to couple it with another cause that they think will help hold it up. The women with the megaphone argued that abortion not being legal is going to cause much distress in the African-American communities, to which I say it is interesting that we are named in this argument. Perhaps it is to appeal to abortion as a “racial issue” The truth she probably does know is that African Americans make up a large majority of the babies that become victims of abortion. But why wouldn’t she be concerned that killing our offspring at astronomical rates is more of a problem than letting them live. What is the real agenda here?

I watched the 2008 remake of the movie “A raisin in the sun” and I was amazed to see that a movie as recent as that one had a message that I know to be reminiscent of the historically black mind-set. The black mother in the movie, when she found out that her son’s wife was contemplating an abortion, told her black son to be a man and tell his wife that we (black people) stand for life and not death. The fact that they were poor was not a reason to prevent a child from entering the world. The thought back then, at least in the black community, was that God would provide. We believed that God was involved in the birth of a child. We feared God.

I feel blessed to have been raised in a family where we were taught to take responsibility for our actions rather than cover them up. We were taught that “two wrongs don’t make a right” , “that if we confessed our sin, God would forgive us and restore us”. what followed after my parents generation was a slow move toward total irresponsibility, a move toward impulsive self gratification at any and all cost, a move toward short-sightedness and living for the moment. A move toward more “me” less “God”.

Abortion, as a cleanup mechanism, defies what I would consider natural maturity and basic morality. If we were to use the same approach for animals, the same people crying about the overturn of Roe vs Wade would be calling the humane society on us. We prevent our pets from getting pregnant rather than aborting their babies after the fact. It is something wrong when we care more for animals than we do for humanity.

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