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Baby Talk


Yes, Cynthia.

Where are you?

I am right here Cynthia. Do you want to change that question maybe?

Why, what do you was a real question? Where are you, why can't I feel you close to me?

But I am God. I can't lie, and I said I would always be with you. So you might want to change the question...think about it...


Ok, God so you are saying that it is not you that is missing?

Yes, that is what I am saying. It is not that I have left your side, if you are not able to feel my presence it has always to do with you and not me.

So what is happening, why don't I feel your presence like I usually do? I am trying to hear you as always and it seems nothing is happening. I am praying as usual but it feels empty.

Let me explain, but first I want you to know that I am pleased to see that you miss me.

You are?

Yes, it would not be good for you not to miss me when I am the one who gives you life and meaning.

I guess you have a point there, but what about the other? Why can't I feel you near me?

Well let me ask you this, do you think that we have a good relationship?

Yes, I think so.

Why is it good?

Well, because you listen to me and understand how I feel, and you tell me what I need to do to make it in life.

Is that it?

Well yes, I guess so...should it be more?

Well, think about your earthly relationships. What makes them good?

The same thing, two people being there for each other and understanding each other.

But that is different than what you said before.


Well, when you talked about our relationship you only talked about what I can do for you. But when you talk about your earthly relationships you talk about you getting to know the other person as well. With me, you feel it is all about me knowing you and doing for you...

So, are you saying that I do not know you yet? I thought we already had that established. I thought that I had to know you to even talk to you.

Well, yes Cynthia, you know me and we do get to talk but I would like to sometimes move past baby talk. Talk to you on another level. You know, go deeper, and have you do some things for me.

Baby talk? Is that what you call my talking to you?

Yes, baby talk... Questions like, do I love you, do I want you happy, can I help you pay the bills, will I help you make it through the day....earthbound thinking...I call it baby talk because these are the questions that I answer for babies all the time, things pertaining to your daily needs. These are things that you should know about me by now...

Well, I admit you are right ...but these things still seem like pretty big things to me.... and besides what do you want to talk about? What would we talk about that you would not consider baby talk...

Now you are hurt.

Well yes, here I am asking you why we are not close anymore and you are telling me it is because I am immature or something. How am I supposed to know that you want to talk about other things? I don't...


Yes, God?

I have been trying to talk to you about the other things, but when I do you can no longer understand me. And you start to feel alone.

Well then maybe you should talk in words that I understand. You are God; can't you break it down for me?

Yes I can and I have, but when I talk of higher things I move to a higher place (because, as always, my words create) but I can't get you to leave the nursery. So I have to come back to you so you will not be lonely.

So, are you saying that I am holding you back?

No, you are holding our relationship back and stopping me from doing more in your life.

Oh...I see God...I have to admit, this hurts, but what can I do to change it? How do I learn to hear you when you talk "grown-up"?

Well, you should read your Bible more because it is the translator between heavenly and earthly things.

Will it help me to understand you more?

Yes, the more you read the more you will understand.

Then can we leave the nursery?

Yes, and we will, a little more each time.

Ok God...I will get right on it. But I have another question...

Sure what is it?

What is outside of the nursery?

{smile}Well let's just say that you learn to change diapers instead of wear them, ok?

{smile} Ok. And God?

Yes, Cynthia?

Thanks for being willing to talk baby talk to me. I love you.

I love you too get to reading.

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